There is a known issue with the Alias Import/Plugin not working if you have multiple versions of Alias installed on your computer. This issue is solved in the KeyShot 10.2 Release.

We have been able to figure out a current workaround to get you up and running so that you can either use the plugin or direct import it into KeyShot.

Delete Alias from Environmental Variables    
1. In the Windows Search bar type in Environmental Variables.
2. Select Edit the system environment variables.
3. Click on the Environment Variables button.
4. In the Environment Variables window go to System Variables
5. Double click on Path and look for Alias entries.
6. Remove any older entries and make sure to only leave your 20XX.X entry.


The entries in the list should look like "C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Alias\AutoStudio20XX.X\bin\" The drive letter can change if you installed to another folder and the version of Alias can be different as well as it refers to the version you have installed.

There is a fix for this issue being released in KeyShot 10.2.xx
If you have any other questions about this issue you can contact support at