When trying to activate KeyShot and sign into your KeyShot Cloud Account, the error 'N3 C0' occurs.

Detail: N3 C0

Environment Details

  • KeyShot
    • Version 11
    • Version 2023 
  • Subscription License


  • This error message more than often appears due to a network or firewall security setting preventing access to our servers.
  • The username and password can not be identified and the connection times out.


We recommend turning off any firewalls and try activating KeyShot again.

Or allow the following below through the firewall settings. Please consult your organization's IT department for further assistance.

Allow Webpages from Firewall
1. *
    a. This is the website that KeyShot account reaches out to.

2. *
a. This would be the website it will reach out to for information.

3. *
  a. This is the main website for KeyShot and will prevent issues in the future.
4. The asterik (*) indicate wildcard characters It is also recommended to have TCP Ports 80/443 open.