If you are missing your BIP preview when looking at the files and only see the KeyShot Icon try the steps below to set KeyShot as the default application.


  • A Windows computer

  • KeyShot is installed on the computer.


  1. Open System settings

    • You can do this by right-clicking your desktop and selecting Display Settings.

      • Then click on System in the left sidebar.

    • You can also click the Search bar and type in Settings, and click the gear icon.

  2. Click on Default Apps.

  3. Scroll all the way down till you see Choose defaults by file type.

    • Click on Choose defaults by file type.

  4. Scroll down till you see .bip.

    • If you see + Choose a default click on that.

      • then navigate to your KeyShot installation location.

        • This can be in multiple locations. 

        • C:\Program Files\KeyShot X\bin\
        • %userprofile%\AppData\Local\KeyShot X\bin\
          • "X" is the version of KeyShot.

    • It may also show KeyShot XX, and you may need to change to the current version installed.

  5. After, following the steps above check to see if your Thumbnails show a preview. 

    • If it doesn't work we have some extra steps below you can try.

Additional Resources