For those looking to expand their knowledge and skills using KeyShot software with training, there are several options available.


Basic Level Training 

There are many training videos available online, including Webinars (about an hour each), Tutorials (about 5 minutes), and Quick Tips (2-3 minutes). 


  • KeyShot Essentials Training Series: These tutorials, along with others available on rendering and animation, are perfect for getting to know KeyShot – or brushing up on your skills.
  • KeyShot Quick Tips: Quick tips offer small, bite-size tips on methods to work with materials, lighting, textures and more in KeyShot – helping you get up to speed fast.
  • KeyShot YouTube Channel: Stay up to date on what’s newest – and get tips on how to improve your KeyShot skills – on our official YouTube channel. 
  • KeyShot Webinars: Our webinars take a deep dive into KeyShot features and functionality. Sign up for a live webinar, or dive into the archive, to see what’s available. 

If you'd like to download any of these resources to your phone or tablet for offline viewing, you can go to iTunes/Podcasts and do a search for KeyShot where you will find all of these resources available for download.

KeyShot Luminaries Community 

In the KeyShot Luminaries Community, you can connect with KeyShot experts and staff in our interactive forums, as well as complete fun learning & design challenges to boost your KeyShot skills.

  • Ask questions, share best practices and showcase your work in our discussion forum
  • Provide feedback about KeyShot products
  • Connect and network with KeyShot experts around the world
  • Boost your learning & development with fun challenges
  • Get rewarded for your activity with prizes from awesome swag to VIP experiences

You can join here – just simply sign in with your KeyShot Cloud account. 


Intermediate Level Training 

If you are interested in a KeyShot masterclass, former KeyShot employee Will Gibbons provides a 15-hour online course that has been getting phenomenal feedback. You can get more details on course content and pricing here: Will Gibbons KeyShot Master Courses

Advanced Level Training 

For a more personalized experience for you and your colleagues, you can book customized training with our Global Training Specialist. If you would like to learn more about customized onsite training, please visit: KeyShot Specialized Training