When launching KeyShot on a Windows computer you can sometimes run into the OpenGL 1.1 found but need OpenGL 2.0+ error and following our NVidia drivers, instructions may fix the issue. Howerver, when that doesn't work or you have an ATI Radeon card you can follow the directions below to resolve that same issue.

Setting preferred GPU for apps using Settings.
01. Open Settings on Windows.
02. Click on System.
03. Click on Display.
04. Under the "Multiple displays" section, click the Graphics settings option.
05. Select the app type using the drop-down menu:
    01. Classic app - traditional installed desktop programs.
    02. Microsoft app - app installed through Microsoft Store.
06. If you select "Classic app" you will need to click Browse button to locate the keyshot.exe file.
    01. Installed Just for Me - Location: copy %localappdata%\KeyShot11\bin
    02. Installed for everyone - Location C:\Program Files\KeyShot11\bin
07. Click the Add button.     01. Select keyshot.exe and click add. 08. Click on Options button.
09. Set the graphics preference to High performance.
10. Click the Save button.

*Note:* Once you have done this you should be able to open KeyShot and it shold allow it to open KeySHot.