Updates are inevitable, and there are times when you will need to update your computer's hardware for various reasons.

If not done properly, this can cause some issues with your KeyShot License.

KeyShot licenses are 'node-locked'. This means that they are created to work on one and only one computer at a time.

This connection is created through your computer's MAC Address.

When updating a computer's hardware, the MAC Address is changed. This will break the link between your KeyShot license and the license server. To prevent this, please deactivate your license before updating your computer's hardware.

Steps for manually deactivating your KeyShot license (Node-Lock):
  1. Launch KeyShot, then go to Help > Show License Information
        1 Skip this step if you already have your serial code.
        2 Write down the serial code in the License Information window.
  2. Go to Help (Windows) or KeyShot (Mac) > Click on Deactivate License on this Computer.
        1 An Internet connection is required for this step to work.
        2 A window will appear letting you know the license has been deactivated.
            1. This can take a few seconds to a couple of minutes depending on the             connection.
        3. If you don't get a message, please try the steps again.
            1. If you still have issues contact license@luxion.com for assistance.

After your license has been successfully deactivated, you can update your computer's hardware.

When everything has been updated and reconfigured, you can launch KeyShot.

Register your license again via the serial code you wrote down earlier to activate KeyShot.¹

For any reason this does not work, select 'Save Request File' and send that form as an attachment to license@luxion.com

If you are unable to locate your serial code, please contact our team at license@luxion.com and provide them with your purchase invoice.³ Once a representative is able to find your serial code they will be able to provide your serial code and prepare so that you can activate it using the steps found here.

¹ You may be asked to reactivate a deactivate license, just click reactivate.
² An agent will send you a license file to activate your KeyShot client.
³ Supplying a purchase invoce, order number, company name will help speed up support.