How to change your KeyShot floating license ports.

How to change Port Number with Luxion License Server.
1. Start the Luxion License Server application.
2. Go to the Install License tab
3. Click Set Server Ports
     a. FlexLM Port: Change this to avoid port conflicts if you have other license servers on the same machine. (Default: 27000)
     b. Daemon Port: This is only used for network setups with a Firewall. If a Firewall is used, both ports need to be set and openeing in the Firewall.
4. Click OK
5. Click Reread License File to make sure the changes are applied. 

Changing ports manually

How to change Port Number Manually
1. Open your KeyShot floating license with text editor.
2. Look for the Server line.
3. After the MAC address add your port number (Default port 27000)
4. You can also add a port to Vendor Daemon by putting PORT=####
5. After adding ports save your changes.
6. Open Luxion License Server.
7. Go to Install License Tab.
8. Load KeyShot floating license.