If you would like to move your KeyShot floating license from one server to another we can help you with that but would need some information from you below.

We will need your current KeyShot floating license file.

We would need you to fill out and send back the License Transfer form.

Instructions below would be for finding your HostName and MAC address from the new server computer.


Open the Windows Command Prompt and type ipconfig /all. 
Press Enter.
Your HostName will be at the very top under your ipconfig /all command.
Your MAC address is the Physical Address of the connection that is Enabled and Preferred.


Open the Terminal application and type HostName.
Press Enter.
Your HostName will be displayed under your HostName command.
Now type ifconfig.
Press Enter.
Your MAC address will be shown within the list.

The license Transfer request document form is below for download.