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Keyshot 11.3.2 Importing models and Applying materials from Scene to matching source names

In Keyshot 11.3.2 under the import dialogue "applying materials from Scene to matching source names" is either having issues, not working properly, or not working at all.

I was under the impression that this box would just add materials to new imported models with the same name. 

I thought it was due to me working with large files and some things getting switched around, or me splitting surfaces. But I tried it with a much simpler model and its still not working. 

This is pretty critical to my work flow as I'm working with several different assemblies with 75% of the same subassemblies that I have to go back in and re-add 50 different textures even though they have the same name. 

See below of a simple model with the same name not getting any materials from the scene added.

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