Apple Silicon Support for KeyShot 11.2

KeyShot 11.2 introduces native support for Apple silicon (including M1 Pro/Max/Ultra and M2) allowing KeyShot to experience 15-30% performance gains in both rendering and overall usability (compared with x86-64 translation performance

For users with Apple silicon, KeyShot 11.2 will install two application packages, one for the previous Rosetta 2/Intel implementation and one for the new Arm64/Apple silicon (beta). This universal binary installation runs natively on both Apple silicon and Intel-based Mac computers providing the choice to take advantage of Apple silicon performance or the Intel option if any stability issues occur. 

Using the new analytics tools in KeyShot 11.2, we are able to anonymously monitor the stability and performance of the Apple silicon before moving it into production full-time in our next release. 


How do I know if I have an M1 chip?

Select Apple menu () > About This Mac.  The name of the chip in your computer is displayed next to Chip.

Find which chip your Mac uses

How do I install?

The installation will be the same as before with a complete package installer for Mac.  inside your Application folder you will see two KeyShot Applications (KeyShot11 and KeyShot11-arm64-BETA).  using the application KeyShot 11 will give you access to KeyShot using the Intel emulator, using KeyShot

using KeyShot11-arm64-BETA will use the M1 chip Natively without the emulator for faster computing of your scene.

What about KeyShotWeb, KeyVR and Network Rendering?

All features in KeyShot will work with the new support for Apple silicon, while Mac Network Rendering will still use the Intel platform until the release of 11.3. KeyVR is Windows only and is unaffected by Apple silicon native development.

What about plugins?

At this time Sketchup and Cinema 4D plugins will be available, with other CAD plugins slated to be released through out the year as the Arm support moves away from Beta.

Will KeyShot continue to support Apple devices with Intel processors?

Yes. We have no plans to stop support for Apple devices with Intel processors.

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