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GPU Rendering Animation Slowly Consumes Memory -> Crash


I'm LOVING the GPU rendering, it's really enabled a lot more flexibility and quality from my output. Thanks for developing this!

KS 9.3.14 Pro

Windows 10

RTX 3080 GPU with 10GB video memory.

I'm rendering long sequences of animation (4000+ frames), and it keeps crashing part way through. Using MSI Afterburner to monitor the GPU, and in the render window of Keyshot, I can see the video memory footprint of the render is increasing with each frame produced. About 6MB per frame. (This is for 1920x1080 images)

Since I'm rendering thousands of frames, my video memory fills up and it crashes the render after ~1000 frames, as it's consumed an extra 6GB by that point. The crash produces no error code, it just appears to be a completed render until I go into the folder and find missing frames.

Additionally: I noticed that if I turn on GPU rendering, it consumes a chunk of video memory, but when I turn OFF GPU rendering, it doesn't release that memory. Reloading the file or opening a new blank scene doesn't release it either. I have to exit out of KS and restart in order to get the memory back. As you can imagine, this has the potential to crash large scenes unnecessarily.

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Hey Seth--I'm having the same issue on KS 10.1.79. It's a bummer after I developed custom cloudy dielectrics and metallic paint for the GPU mode. (Metallic paint material is bugged on GPU and causing crashes too!)

I'm on a 8gb P4000. Same issue all though I noticed it was running out of memory even just adding camera animations. My native scene consumes about 2.5gb after restarting KeyShot.

Hopefully we hear something soon!

Here's a annotated graph documenting the GPU memory consumption issue. KeyShot must be restarted to clear the GPU RAM.

To reproduce create a new animation and run it on the GPU. Small, low-res video sizes with low sample counts reproduce the issue most frequently. Frame images and/or meta data pile up in GPU RAM. This highly limits the amount of frames that can be rendered.

I'm on Windows 10 (19042.804) with a Quadro P4000 ( with KeyShot 10 Pro (10.1.79)


I'm having the same issue. Keyshot tech support blamed it on the latest NVIDIA drivers but when I switched back to 10.0 the problem went away. Lots of other interface bugs in 10.1 as well.

Same here!

I have gtx 1070 8Gb which is not rtx but renders very fast compared to my 6700k CPU. But, it leaks memory! Even though the scene is about 3Gb, when it renders animations it crashes after some 500-700 frames whith the warning that GPU doesn't have enough memory. It happens starting from Keyshot 9. So it is a really pain in the neck rendering animations.

The interesting fact that my laptop with gtx 1060 6Gb doesn't have the memory leak. Even though it renders much slower it doesn't crash.

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