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A prudent suggestion: please consider adding modern tabs.

A prudent suggestion: please consider adding modern tabs.


When it comes to multi-tab support, I think the perfect example is Google Chrome, which has a modern tab management system (if the tab preview is the right function, and it can be automatically collapsed when the tab exceeds the window width) All right)



The modern tab page has the following functions:

1. Free sorting, I will mention Photoshop again, its multi-tab page is like a greeting from the last century, let me go back twenty years ago.


2. Preview function

Whether it is a preview window when hovering, or you can expand all previews at the top like Microsoft Edge is a good option.

Safari is getting better tab management in macOS Big Sur - The Verge


3. Tear function

You can freely drag one or a group of tabs to a new window, or you can merge one or a group of windows into an existing window.


4. Automatic folding (very low priority).

Just like FireFox, if you open forty tabs on a window and your screen doesn’t display, you can swipe left or right


This function may have more time to think about it. This involves a bit, because Keyshot is a cross-platform software. On macOS, the tab function is native, but if you use a cross-platform development solution, I am not sure if you can use this function directly. Secondly, I really hope that you use the native tab function on the Windows platform, but it seems that Win32 applications are not yet supported, and it is relatively cumbersome to use common controls (perhaps you can call them UWP controls) on the Win32 platform. . Microsoft is developing WinUI 3, and the entire project has not yet been completed, so I think that maybe this function is not so anxious, I hope to wait for the release of WinUI3.

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Hello Shompinice,

Thank you for contacting Luxion.
Thank you for these suggestions, 
I will pass this on to the UI UX team for consideration for future feature requests. 

Referencing your Ticket ID#:11244


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