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Can't use the RealCloth material

When I try to use the RealCloth material there is a warning announcement, and if I ignore and continue the material is flat black, as youcan see in the attached images.

(318 KB)
(382 KB)

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Just to make sure, have you updated to KeyShot 9.3 yet? You can download the Upgrade installer from

If the issue remains, it is because the objects in red do not have UV coordinates. You can correct this in  ZBrush or through KeyShot. Although in KeyShot this may take a bit longer has you have to find each and every file showing this error.

In KeyShot:
  • Find the materials showing the error message
  • In Textures, change the Mapping Type to 'UV'
  • These textures and/or materials may be marked as 'legacy'. Update this to the desired      setting   
  • You may need to hit the refresh icon in the top right of the real time view

Do this for every material showing the UV error and you should be good to go.
Let me know what happens.

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