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New Computer RTX 2060 Card wont run GPU

 I have a new computer using Keyshot 9 and when I try to render in GPU mode I get error message. If it is just on screen seems to work fine but the min I tell it to render I get the below error. any Ideas my drivers are all up to date and there is nothing else using my gpu

I have never had a gpu capable card so maybe its something in my card or computer setup I need to change?


I did see the Support ticket was closed on this issue.

Are you still experiencing any GPU issues when launching KeyShot?



Support manager

Luxion makers of KeyShot

I am having the same problem.  GPU will not work when the scene seems to be complex.  Can GPU not handle displacement?  It works for simple setups but tells me I don't have enough memory for the complex ones.

Ford they fixed the problem in 9.2 is what they told me

GPU will be dependent on Vram, about 35-40% of the Vram is already being used for the Operating system and other background processes, so when you Start to get high triangle count, high curve count or if the scene is just large in general you can cap out on Vram.

A good way to Keep track of this is to keep your performance hud up when working, the hot key for that is H.

It will show you where your Vram is at when working with heavy scenes and you can catch it before it caps out.

We are working to refining the use of the NVlink and the ability to have multiple GPU cards to be able to double the Vram and processing power when working with Large scenes.

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