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Accessing Context Menu in KS 9.1.98 with single button mouse

For reasons that aren't worth getting into here, I do not use a two button mouse with a right click/left click. I'm on a Mac and use a single button mouse and set it so that both sides are equal to a left click. To simulate a right click, I hold down the CONTROL key. This has never been a problem in previous versions of KeyShot when accessing the context menu in the realtime window. In version 9 it does not work. I can see in the hotkey defaults settings that context menu is set to RMB. When I use CONTROL + click anywhere else in KS9 to simulate a right click (such as in the scene tree or in the material graph) it works. So, KS9 seems to recognize CONTROL + click as a substitute for RMB but not in the real time window. This is a problem for me. This seems like a bug. 

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