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All rendered animations appear to be corrupt in Keyshot 9.1.98

I'm running Keyshot 9.1.98 on a Mac (Mojave) and all rendered animations appear to be corrupt. I've tried different scenes, lengths of animations, simple geometry etc... Can't open any of the files (.MOV, .AVI, MP4) in any video player.

Anyone else running into this issue?



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Hello Ricardo,

When rendering out your animation can you check to make sure your resolutions for your scene end in an even number so it would be like 1920 x 1080 and not odd number like 1920 x 1079? There is an issue with the codecs that don't render out odd number scenes correctly.

Let me know if that worked for you?

I get the same problem the output .mp4 is corrupt but the frames render out fine. I've attached a zip with the .ksp, .mp4 and the frames.


Hello Jack,

I was able to download the KSP and the video and verify that there was an issue when trying to view the video on a Mac with Quicktime. There was no issue on Windows or on Mac when using VLC media player. The video was able to play on both OS'es.

We do have a report on this and it's being looked into, but was told that if you render the animation and make sure your images are JPEG's you won't have any issues playing the video with Quicktime. 

Let me know if you still have any issues saving the images as JPEG?

Thanks Francisco, 

I have confirmed that the output does indeed work in vlc on macOS Mojave.

I have also confirmed that when frames are set to jpg the output works in quicktime, even when not saving the frames.

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