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How to post your questions on this board

This is the Official Support forums for KeyShot.

Posts made in this forums will be answered my Luxion Support staff. Posts made here should be questions for genereal benefit:

"I can't load Rhino files from Rhino 5"

If you need specific resolution on an issues please submit a ticket using the + New Support Ticket link above.

Please submit your general support questions in the format shown below.

Provide as much information and detail as possible. The more information you provide the faster we can assist you.

For help with software errors, post in Bugs and Crashes.

1. Exact KeyShot Version (e.g. 9.X.X).

2. Your CAD application's name and version

3. A detailed description of the desired functionality and/or instructions on how to reproduce the issue that you are experiencing.

For example:

  • Open KeyShot Scene
  • Go to Project, Camera and add a camera
  • etc...

3. Screenshot or images of the desired output or of the issue that you are experiencing.

4. Your current KeyShot scene (if applicable).

  • Save a KSP file
  • File > Save Package

Thanks in advance!

In the General Support category we answer general questions regarding KeyShot functionality and we provide creative advice. Note that any suggestions we provide are based on personal experience and that there is no one single "right" way of achieving the desired end-result. Nevertheless, we will do our best to answer your question or point you to the right documentation.

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